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Certified treatments for high-performance brake calipers


Street sports cars, and racing cars even more so, boast high driving performance and have always represented a prestigious and demanding test bed for companies that build braking systems.

These must be designed and manufactured with the best products available on the market and with constant attention to the most innovative technologies to guarantee very high standards in terms of reliability and performance.

Argos Surface Technologies has long worked with automotive companies in the production of parts such as high-performance brake bells and calipers, as well as supersport systems in ECUs. These parts are used on all modern racing cars and, starting in 2005, were also introduced in sports cars (the first was the Ferrari Enzo).

Brake calipers and disc coating
brake calipers before treatment 

The purpose of the bell is to reduce the unsprung mass, lowering operating temperatures by means of resistant materials and therefore improving performance under stress.

In these cases, the most effective treatment is hard anodizing according to UNI-EN-ISO 7796, with the request to document a process capability of Cpk > 1.33. This indicates that the production process guarantees less than 64 non-compliant parts per million.

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