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Cataphoresis for stairlifts: lasting quality guaranteed


The Mantua site of the Argos ST group is a leader in industrial painting and cataphoresis, particularly for the management of large-volume product batches. One area it specialises in is the coating of platform stair lifts, key components in a range of industrial settings.

Details of the the stairlift after treatment with Cataphoresis painting, or e-coating
Details of the the stairlift after treatment with Cataphoresis painting, or e-coating

What is cataphoresis?

Cataphoresis is an advanced coating process that uses electrodeposition to apply a layer of coating with high levels of adherence and resistance to metal surfaces. The process involves immersion of components in a bath of coating and application of a continuous electric current. This causes migration of coating particles towards the surface of components, creating a uniform protective layer.

Preliminary treatments and application procedures

The platform stair lift components to be coated using cataphoresis range from sheet-metal enclosures containing mechanical components to medium-sized metal elements such as supports (guide-rail feet), tubular handle bars and hand rails.

Before cataphoresis, the lift parts undergo a crucial pre-treatment phase. This includes prior grit blasting to eliminate all surface impurities from the raw component. This step is essential to guarantee that subsequent treatments properly anchor to the part, improving coating adhesion and durability.

The cataphoresis procedure is strictly controlled. Components are hung on conductor supports and immersed in the bath of coating. Through a process of electrodeposition, the coating adheres uniformly to all surfaces, including difficult-to-access areas such as tubular structures.

Advantages of cataphoresis painting

Treatments applied to platform stair lifts using cataphoresis have significant advantages in terms of durability and quality:

  1. Advanced anti-corrosion protection: Cataphoresis has the ability to penetrate inside tubular structures, effectively preventing oxidization. This is essential for components often exposed to aggressive environments.
  2. Adaptability of material: Cataphoresis painting is effective on a range of materials, including iron, aluminium and galvanised steel. This enables high-quality results without the need for a separate grit-blasting process.

Cataphoresis painting not only offers excellent aesthetic results (through application of a high-quality powder finish), but also ensures optimum protection and durability of the stair lift. Its ability to penetrate into intricate parts and prevent corrosion makes cataphoresis an essential choice to guarantee lasting, reliable performance.