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Argos TSM equips itself with a fully automated coating plant


Argos TSM, our group’s subsidiary based in Minerbio (Bologna), boasts a fully automated coating process plant, one of its kind in the country.

Alongside a department dedicated to custom parts and specifically for small orders requiring special machining, Argos TSM has equipped itself with an automated system for handling serial parts.

Through a special mobile structure, workpieces can be hung on special supports and moved through the workstations for the different process steps.

In this chain system, the workpieces, placed on a support, pass through the pre-heating and then to the painting stations. A specialised operator manually handles the processing to ensure excellent quality treatment.

The plant then moves the products into the oven, where the coating drying occurs (which may be the last stage of processing or the conclusion of a first cycle where further applications are required).

Upon completion of all processing steps, which can be customised for each type of product on which polymer and fluoropolymer coatings are applied, the processed parts are transported to a cooling area before final quality control and subsequent packaging.

Automated industrial painting plant.
Automated industrial painting plant.

Advantages of an automated coating plant

The structure of the plant, with automatic workpiece movement at all stages of processing, allows large volumes of spraying to be handled in half the time required by the coating market (as little as 5-7 days from the time the goods are picked up, compared to the usual 10-15 days).

The all-in-one production line is preset and geared to optimise seriality, cutting time and costs.

The plant, which can be used with all coatings, is ideal for both small products (to give an example, we would like to point out the recent processing carried out on the inner lancets of pressure gauges) and large-format parts such as trays, trays and ink tanks for the printing industry.

Due to the size of the dryer, parts up to 2.5×1.5m can be processed. The system also has a maximum load capacity of 120kg.