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Argos Surface Technologies group is growing


The acquisition of 100% of the capital of Impreglon Italia Srl, now called Argos Impreglon Srl, has reinforced the growth of Argos Surface Technologies group, which was created with the participation of the private equity fund ‘Gradiente II’, managed by Gradiente SGR.

The goal is to gain a leading position in the reference market to serve Italian industrial districts.

With the various, complementary technologies currently supplied — ranging from electroless nickel plating and anodizing to polymer and thermal spray coatings — and consolidated technical know-how, the group is able to immediately offer an integrated range of functional and aesthetic solutions to meet the growing needs of customers in terms of both process regulations and quality of services.

The group, led by Andrea Siano, Luca Garone, Paolo Grimaldi and Vittorio Sacchi, the partner-managers of the companies currently involved, and supported by the new CEO Marco Winkler, will start down an ambitious path of further acquisitions aimed at creating a structured, multifunctional company with a direct presence in all major Italian industrial districts.

‘We have a cohesive and determined team of managers and collaborators who understand and manage the different companies with solid experience. With the acquisition of 100% of Impreglon Italia Srl, now Argos Impreglon Srl, we confirm Luca Garone as CEO, who will lead the company towards new growth opportunities.’ Marco Winkler

‘The birth of this fully Italian group meets the specific needs of the national market, allowing us to concentrate on providing surface treatments, a product offering that is currently very fragmented. We act as a special partner with extensive, diversified know-how for Italian OEMs increasingly involved in the challenges of the international market.’
Luca Garone

Argos, today Argos SpA Electroless Nickel Plating, has been active in the electroless nickel plating sector since 1969.
Its two plants in Milan and Bologna allow orders to be managed quickly, meeting the need for speed and logistics. The company represents a point of reference for all of Northern Italy, recognized for its flexibility in terms of the size of projects requested.

Impreglon, today Argos lmpreglon Srl, has been present in the field of surface coatings for metals, carbon fibre and plastics since 1982. Its goal is to promptly respond to customer needs, providing support from the moment the coating is selected to after-sales service.
The company carries out coating activities ranging from non-stick surfaces to dry lubrication, from slide to traction, from chemical resistance to wear resistance, as well as developing and testing new solutions in collaboration with customers.

Argos Anodizing Srl was created through the acquisition of the Italian branch of the Aalberts group.
It provides anodizing surface treatments for aluminium alloys mainly used to construct mechanical parts that require high resistance to wear and corrosion together with a pleasant appearance.