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Argos Nickel Plating is equipped with special systems for metal surface finishes


The Argos Nickel Plating sites in Cambiago and Monteveglio are homologated for collaboration with major car and motorcycle manufacturers, even for new technologies (hybrid/electric) and for both tier 1 and aftermarket supplies.

Equipped with some of the most modern and advanced technologies and systems in the sector, they ensure increasingly key aspects in terms of efficiency, quality, consistency and reliability at the most competitive prices and in full compliance with current regulations in the sector.

Below is a summary of the special machines used for metal surface finishing in our plants.

Micro-sandblasting, micro shot blasting and grit blasting

Entire departments dedicated to micro-sandblasting are constantly equipped with manual and automated machinery and systems.

With such technologies, all metals can be sanded, whether they are the most common metals or special elements such as titanium, copper or beryllium. In addition, it is possible to work on parts of any size, from the smallest up to those 3 metres in length, for 15 tonnes of weight.

In the plants, the different surfaces of the parts are processed with the utmost precision, with specific treatments to meet every need: micro-sandblasting, micro shot blasting, spherical sandblasting and grit blasting using different grain sizes and types.

Special machine for metal surface finishing.
Special machine for metal surface finishing.
Special machine for metal surface finishing.
Special machine for metal surface finishing.

Machines for washing metal parts

Metal degreasing consists in removing any type of processing grease/oil from the surface of the product.

With the machines for washing metal parts at the Argos Nickel Plating plants, products based on chlorinated solvents can be completely removed.

The tunnel metal washing system is based on innovative technology that provides effective solutions to problems related to surface treatments and specific washing quality regulations.

Machine for washing metal parts
Machine for washing metal parts.