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Anodizing for cast and moulded pistons


Anodization, a technique applicable only to aluminium, is an electrochemical process used to form a protective layer that reinforces corrosion resistance and provides thermal insulation.

One area in which anodizing is particularly interesting concerns cast and moulded pistons, which are used both in the automotive sector and in industry in general (generators). These parts are used in large diesel engines for very different purposes: from supplying pumps to transforming thermal energy into electrical energy.

With Argos’s advanced skills, it was possible to reproduce a piston that was anodized only at the head at the customer’s request. In this case, a hard anodizing treatment with a thickness of 90 microns was required.

The objective of the treatment was to exploit the thermal insulation conferred by the thickness of the oxide film. This makes the part heat faster, thus also reaching the operating temperature faster, with a consequent reduction in pollution during production processes.

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