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Agricultural machinery manufacturers choose cataphoresis

cataphoresis for agricultural machinery

The choice of the right surface coating to be applied on farm equipment has major importance: on the one hand it must guarantee maximum productivity and, on the other hand, it must ensure the best protection from all the possible environmental and chemical risks these machines have to deal with.

Here too, the recent introduction and implementation of Quality Management Systems have led to ever higher quality requirements: the simple equipment painting is no longer enough.

Therefore, Argos ST Group proposes industrial painting using cataphoresis: it is one of the most required procedures in the agricultural machinery industry, as it allows the application of an extremely precise protective primer. All the components, even with different thicknesses, are uniformly coated both inside and out, protecting corners, edges and even the smallest cavities.

Cataphoresis is extremely effective against corrosion, wear, chemicals, weathering and UV rays. So, it is not just a “simple” aesthetic painting, but a treatment capable of significantly lengthening the life cycle of the machinery.

In addition to offering high anticorrosive features and homogeneous and complete protection of the piece, this treatment brings other important advantages:

  • It is easily automatable
  • It can treat different metals
  • There is no dripping and it is possible to set the required thickness
  • It gives a good aesthetic appearance to the surface
  • It is an eco-friendly treatment, with minimum use of chemical agents and very limited emissions into the atmosphere of VOCs (volatile organic solvents) and particulate matter
  • It allows better adhesion of subsequent paints or finish coats, if required

With the latest acquisitions of Gonzaga and Borgaro Torinese plants, Argos ST Group adds the industrial painting to the already wide range of available surface treatments, becoming a “One-Stop-Shop” for agricultural machinery manufacturers, too.