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Aesthetics and functionality at the highest level in motorbike components


Screws are, by definition, a simple item to treat with anodizing processes. However, there are cases in which special attention must be paid to all processing stages: from the reception of the parts to the final quality control.

Special packaging to ensure the highest quality

This is the case with the screws shown in the photo below, which were mounted on Yamaha motorbikes in the recess for hanging panniers. Since the screw head is exposed, the parts must be treated particularly carefully in order to meet the high aesthetic and functional standards required by the customer.

Anodized screws for motorcycle bag holders

Unlike ordinary screws, which, for the sake of speed in handling the order, leave the production workshops without any special precautions, inside metal boxes, these are delivered carefully packed in special perforated containers to preserve them from small marks and dents that might form during handling.

The special packaging protects the parts and allows for careful quality control, both when the part is received and when it is returned.

Special supports for anodizing treatment

As already mentioned, we deal with a motorbike component with both aesthetic and functional requirements.

The latter are guaranteed by applying an anodic oxidation treatment to a thickness of 40 microns with black colouring (following UNI 7796:2010), which allows the desired standards of high hardness and resistance to corrosion and wear-resistance to be achieved.

However, in order to offer an extremely high aesthetic result, on par with a small jewellery masterpiece, it was necessary to design special frames to place the screws during machining.

In fact, it is a common procedure in anodizing processes for products to be hung on frames after being immersed in treatment tanks; as a result, at the points of contact with the substrate, the treated part shows small marks (in areas where the treatment is not applied homogeneously).

Yamaha screw machining frames are designed and manufactured with a view to minimising the contact surface area, limiting it to a small portion of the screw thread.

Finally, before delivery, our team performs strict quality control using codified standards and procedures, certifying a very low percentage of rejects.