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Coatings for valves and pumps

Industrial applications and practical advantages of ball valve coatings. The utmost safety and reliability!


Equipment currently used for pneumatics and hydraulics must meet multiple requirements, the most important of which are resistance to salt water and corrosive chemicals, compliance with narrow tolerances and a long service life.

To meet these needs, it is often necessary to resort to expensive alloys that negatively affect the production costs of the components.

With coatings for pumps and valves designed by Argos, OEMs can address these issues by using less expensive metals to manufacture components and covering them with Argos coatings.

Pump coatings: innovative materials

Argos uses the best raw materials available on the market to create revolutionary pump coatings: Halar®, PlasmaCoat®, TempCoat 1001® and TempCoat® are lines of coatings that guarantee dry lubrication, sliding, resistance to wear and chemicals, and non-stick properties.

Their advantages, such as lower component costs, higher production speed to meet market needs and the possibility of restoring old components at a low cost, translate into significant savings for our customers.

Argos coatings can be applied on pumps, compressors, valves, pistons, fans, dampers, agitators and containers.

Coatings for ball valves and other valves

Our range of coatings for industrial valves is suitable for ball, butterfly and globe valves.

Argos coatings for valves ensure a high degree of safety and reliability, especially if activities entail the use of abrasive or corrosive products or if the working environment involves high temperatures or pressures.

The industrial use of metal ball valves with ceramic spray coatings and fluoropolymers is particularly suitable under extreme conditions where standard valves exhibit limits of use.

Even in the most critical situations where low friction and self lubrication is required, Argos valve coatings guarantee a low accumulation of deposits and scaling, facilitating cleaning and regular or extraordinary maintenance of valves and valve bodies.

Our products are therefore designed for oil & gas systems, including oil platforms, power plants, waste incineration plants, mines, chemical laboratories, steel industries, biomass and petrochemical plants, etc.

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