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Coatings for the textile, printing and graphics industries

Argos has developed special coatings for this production sector: treatments for the textile, printing and graphics industries to make surfaces smooth, non-stick, and wear and abrasion resistant.


The benefit of coatings in the printing and textile industries

Argos has studied and developed exceptional coatings for rollers, analysing the specific needs of the printing and textile industries to prevent traditional problems related to maintenance that are normally encountered in this market.

Surfaces in both the printing and textile industries are particularly susceptible to wear and corrosion due to the abrasive action of paper and fabrics. Especially in printing, maintenance, and cleaning in particular, is an expensive aspect, due to both time and costs.

Argos has developed coatings specifically for this type of production. Our treatments dedicated to paper and fabric processing give surfaces sliding and non-stick properties, along with wear and abrasion resistance. In this way, downtime for machine cleaning and maintenance is drastically reduced, guaranteeing higher production rates and a longer lifetime for your parts due to elevated corrosion protection.

Why choose a coating or surface treatment?

In high-speed paper processing, forces develop that can damage even machinery parts made of steel. Under these conditions, the powder generated by friction from paper requires extensive cleaning, just as the removal of ink can take time and call for the use of certain solvents. These factors prevent continuous production and involve stopping the plant to perform maintenance.

Printing processes also involve additional challenges such as ink dispersion, phantom effects, belt tensioning without ‘tearing’ and dust accumulation, which require the use of coatings that can simultaneously handle a wide range of situations.

Offering machinery that lasts longer by providing roller coatings that require less maintenance is an essential prerequisite for optimizing parts and meeting full customer satisfaction.

Argos is able to recommend the best roller coating or non-stick treatment for your needs: transmission parts, idle and motorized rollers, backup rollers, die-cutting rollers, gluing rollers, ink trays and glue tanks.

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