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Coatings and treatments for tanks and vats

Coatings for tanks and vats by Argos ST are designed to prevent corrosion and acid aggression.


The range of Argos coatings dedicated to protecting industrial tanks and waterproofing vats contains a wide selection of specific products, treatments and coatings for tanks, vats and cisterns.

Waterproofing industrial tanks: how to protect the walls and bottom of the tank from acids and corrosion

In the absence of a good internal coating, industrial tanks (and to a lesser extent also civil tanks) are subject to chemical agents and wear over time. Over the years, the integrity of the bottom and walls of the tank can become compromised, making the tank less waterproof (with all related negative consequences in terms of efficiency and safety). To protect industrial tanks, they must be treated with specific internal coatings for tanks and vats.

Waterproofing also goes hand in hand with resistance to chemical agents (which can be more or less aggressive based on their concentration). For vats used in the mechanical, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, the final protection of surfaces in direct contact with water or liquids must therefore not only ensure impermeability, it must also be able to resist aggressive chemicals. This is why we provide interior and exterior acid-resistant coatings for tanks and vats.

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