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Coatings for the rubber and plastics industry

Surface coatings for the plastics and rubber industry are designed to protect machinery effectively and durably.


The Argos process

To deal with the increasing pace of production and increasing complexity of plastic and rubber parts, surface coatings used in production processes must meet increasingly strict requirements. In addition to extraordinary non-stick and easy extraction properties, ecological factors also play an increasingly decisive role, such as the elimination of release agents, which is the main objective of the search for new durable non-stick coatings.

Reliable, high-quality coatings, especially lubricant coatings, improve production cycle times, dramatically reduce cleaning operations and help to increase productivity. Argos offers a range of coatings with different or combined properties:

  • extraordinary non-stick properties
  • good anti-friction properties; the lubricating coating facilitates extraction of the piece from the mould
  • elevated abrasion resistance
  • high temperature resistance

Tyre moulds, drilling cylinders, moulds for layering, casting, forming and extrusion, screw conveyors and blades.

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