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Coatings for the packaging industry

Surfaces that easily release glues and adhesives and let materials flow smoothly allow the packaging industry to reduce costs and improve the appearance.


Saving time and money in packaging

Packaging is a key element in the product distribution chain, sometimes even more important and costly than the product itself. Efficient packaging not only enhances the appearance of the product, it also preserves its integrity.

Packaging machinery runs at high speeds, which is why downtime or surfaces that hinder sliding can undermine the timing and efficiency of the entire process, with delays that can also affect product marketing.

The advantages of coatings for the packaging industry

It is therefore important to invest in solutions that guarantee the correct, continuous operation of machinery over time, while optimizing production. Argos offers surface treatments specifically designed for the packaging industry, giving the base material non-stick properties and hardness. With these characteristics, it is possible to:

  1. reduce downtime due to adhesion of the product and glues to production equipment
  2. increase the lifetime of parts subject to wear;
  3. improve sliding, thereby increasing production speed; accelerate weighing and filling operations by reducing losses caused by incorrect calibration of scales; reduce cleaning interventions

Argos offers coatings to generate either sliding or traction (i.e. non-slip surfaces). Plastic films, adhesive tapes, plastic packaging, nappies, caps, nonwoven fabrics, printed cardboard — everything slides or is pulled along more easily thanks to our coatings.

Tensioning of traction machines is more precise and consistent, so you can safely increase production speeds.

Gluing, heat-sealing film or hot laminating paper and plastic, for example, become more efficient if the metal surfaces of the tools, rollers, bars or blades are coated with non-stick materials. The entire machine environment remains easy to clean, and build-up of material and glue is avoided, with savings in downtime and maintenance costs.

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