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Coatings for the nonwoven fabric industry

Industrial coatings for nonwoven fabrics are designed to improve traction and reduce the adhesion of glues and residues.


Advantages for the nonwoven fabric industry

Abrasion due to SAP powder adhering to guides and winding bars, to the adhesion of glues and product residues to suction drums, or to Lycra tearing when it passes the guides all represent problems that seem impossible to solve.

At speeds of 1000 m/min, even light polyethylene and nonwoven fabric substrates can attack surfaces.

Motorized, gripping, printing and guiding rollers, suction cylinders, bending plates and winding bars are all components that require traction treatments. In the production process, every component has different needs, but Argos has developed a specific coating for each that is intended to last much longer than conventional coatings.

With solutions that increase machine life and increase process efficiency, Argos ensures significant savings in terms of time and money.

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