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Coatings for the food industry

Argos has developed special treatments for food surfaces that facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the parts due to specific non-stick properties, corrosion protection, slide and resistance to high temperatures.


Reduce downtime and filling errors with Argos coatings and treatments

The food industry involves a complex production system in which operations such as food cooking, filling, weighing and packaging involve a number of issues, particularly those tied to dirt and residue on surfaces. Argos has developed appropriate treatments for food surfaces that facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the parts due to specific non-stick properties, sliding, traction, corrosion protection, high temperature resistance and FDA approval.

Food residues distort the accuracy of weighing and packaging devices, causing filling errors. To avoid this, the system must be stopped and cleaned, which costs money and time.

The use of Argos non-stick coatings prevents this, as they prolong the productive life of the plant, guarantee safe and effective processing of raw materials and enable accurate weighing, reducing costs and benefitting the bottom line.

The versatility of the available treatments means that Argos consultants can assess each individual need and find a suitable solution for every business. Skill, cutting-edge know-how and professionalism are the foundations for optimizing every production activity.

Argos provides customers with parts for systems in the food industry, such as screw conveyors and hoppers for the dairy sector, Ishida machines for producing and weighing grated cheese, machines for packaging coffee, sugar and tea, machines for kneading, and machines for bottling mineral water and drinks and much more.

Coatings for the food industry

The choice of treatment, which depends on your specific requirements, represents added value that Argos offers customers. We suggest different coatings to be applied to machinery and parts in the food industry.

At Argos, our polymer coatings based on Teflon and Xylan fluoropolymers are applicable to a wide range of metal, carbon fibre and plastic substrates. The application of Argos Impregnated Coatings significantly improves the performance of every part by enhancing its non-stick and anti-friction properties and its chemical and abrasion resistance. Argos coatings are also suitable for food contact.

Cheniflon coating is based on Niploy electroless nickel plating and particles of PTFE, offering not only the characteristics inherent to electroless nickel plating, i.e. corrosion protection and wear resistance, but also non-stick proprieties due to the presence of PTFE particles. Incorporating Teflon into the nickel matrix also confers durability, even under heavy mechanical wear, ensuring longer-lasting self-lubrication.

Chenisil is a coating resulting from the combination of Niploy electroless nickel and silicon carbide particles, which lends the base material excellent abrasion resistance. In addition, Chenisil creates a frictionless surface that is hard and corrosion resistant.

Niploy is the classic electroless nickel plating treatment and an excellent solution when it comes to conferring corrosion protection and wear resistance on the base material.

ENP SH is a high-phosphorus nickel plating particularly suitable for all situations where a coating with elevated hardness is required.

Anodizing and hard anodizing consist of electroplating treatments applied to aluminium to give it very high corrosion protection. They also lend the base material a high degree of hardness (particularly in the case of hard coating), and lubrication, thanks to the porosity of the resulting surface.

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