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Cylinder coating

Discover all the advantages of cylinder coatings by Argos ST, a leading company in coatings and surface treatments.


The advantages of cylinder coatings

Argos cylinder coatings allow you to meet high quality standards. This is guaranteed by the skill and know-how of our company, which is currently a leader in the field of coatings and surface treatments.

Cylinder coatings are widely used in industry, from the textile sector to the food industry, from packaging to paper converting. With the use of top-quality materials, our cylinder coatings offer excellent traction, non-stick properties, wear resistance, corrosion protection, high temperature resistance and also elevated electrical insulation.

Functionality and safety, for continuous operation and optimization of production processes.

While these Argos solutions are highly efficient, other, less expensive, high-performance alternatives such as silicone cylinder coatings are also available.

Silicone Cylinder Coatings

In the production of articles such as adhesive tape and rollers for pulling and spreading hot melt glue and in production sectors that require highly non-stick surfaces in general, silicone cylinder coatings are truly anti-adhesive, preventing tougher adhesives (hot melt) from sticking to the surface and allowing you to work in even extreme conditions.

This type of coating is widely used in various sectors, which also makes it suitable for textiles, packaging and paper converting.

Equipped with non-slip properties, these coatings represent real added value, because they combine non-stick properties and traction, thus yielding optimal tensioning of production lines even at particularly high speeds.

Argos makes silicone cylinder coatings using the patented PlasmaCoat® technique, a thermal spray coating that combines non-stick properties, sliding, abrasion resistance and hardness.

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