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Coatings for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

To protect the most delicate components and avoid contamination, Argos offers non-stick and anti-corrosion coatings and treatments that improve surface properties.


Argos solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

The complexity of chemical processes relies on delicate operations that involve moving chemical substances through the appropriate equipment. Chemical processes are subject to all sorts of undesirable external influences, such as contaminants that can penetrate the production process.

The equipment is then subject to continuous, aggressive wear due to the presence of corrosive substances. To ensure fluid, lean production, it is therefore necessary to avoid or minimize wear and corrosion while favouring easy cleaning and maintenance. To protect the most delicate parts of chemical equipment and avoid contamination, Argos proposes coatings and treatments for corrosion protection and non-stick coatings to improve surface properties in the long term. Protecting surfaces from chemicals is, in fact, a priority in the chemical/pharmaceutical sector, and being able to choose a solution tailored to your needs is an important added value.

Argos coatings for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

The chemical/pharmaceutical sector requires particular care in the production of each part, and the quality of surface coatings plays a fundamental role in this context. The chemical and pharmaceutical sector is a delicate area particularly subject to numerous factors, above all hygiene. When working in aseptic and bacteria-free environments, the cleanliness of machinery surfaces and tools is a priority. Argos provides surface coatings for the chemical industry, with the utmost attention to the non-stick properties, corrosion protection and resistance of the materials.

The surfaces of chemical instruments or systems must be particularly resistant, whether they are large or small. Modern technologies in the chemical industry provide for the highest standards of tribology (the study of surface interactions), durability and biocompatibility, as well as an elevated purity of the coatings.

Argos coatings for the chemical/pharmaceutical industry also feature resistance to washing, which was developed starting from the specific needs of the sector. Cleaning in the pharmaceutical sector, especially more aggressive techniques such as sanitization and disinfection, can cause untreated metal surfaces to deteriorate. This is precisely why Argos has developed specific coatings capable of protecting surfaces from the aggression of products used to clean chemical devices, as well as, of course, offering the intrinsic property of being easy to clean.

Corrosion protection coatings and treatments must not only be completely free of micropores, but must also be able to resist chemicals for many years.

The versatility of Argos solutions allows treatments and coatings to be adapted according to your specific requests.

Decades of experience have allowed Argos to meet the particular needs of the chemical industry in terms of corrosion and acids.

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