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Coatings for the automotive industry

Argos has developed special treatments and coatings to give the surfaces of parts in the automotive industry low friction, corrosion protection and smoothness.


Coating innovations in the automotive industry

Subject to continuous innovation, today’s automotive sector is a market in which production efficiency defines the success or failure of a company. Machinery and parts for the automotive industry must withstand heavy loads and wear, and require special treatments in order to resist corrosion, abrasion and chemical aggression due to paints and oils, for example. The automotive industry is based on automated processes which must work smoothly, minimizing downtime, seizure and friction. For this reason, we recommend applying self-lubricating coatings to the surfaces to avoid possible complications deriving from contact between the mechanical parts. The coatings also include specific corrosion protection, low friction and slide.

Automotive coatings

Argos has developed specific treatments and coatings to give the surfaces of parts for the automotive industry low friction, corrosion protection and smoothness.

We offer versatile solutions that can be adapted to any need. They are designed based on our advanced know-how acquired over many years in the market.

TempCoat 1001® is an anti-friction coating that reduces traction and problems related self-lubrication, fretting corrosion and seizing. As added value, the coating impregnates the material, depositing in the micropores and roughness of the substrate, resulting in greater compactness and no risk of peeling. The properties of the coating remain unchanged even after the surface layer has worn.

Anodizing and hard anodizing are two surface treatments applicable only to aluminium. They involve an electrochemical process that confers optimal hardness and lubrication while increasing adhesion.

The Colour anodizing is a surface treatment applicable only to aluminium. In addition to improving the appearance of the treated surface, it also guarantees excellent corrosion resistance.

Niploy is Argos’ electroless nickel plating method, which gives the base material excellent wear resistance and corrosion protection.

Cheniflon was developed by blending electroless nickel plating with Teflon PTFE microparticles which combine with the nickel matrix to obtain a coating that not only offers the typical properties of electroless nickel plating, such as corrosion protection and wear resistance, but is also non-stick.

Chenisil combines Niploy with silicon carbide, increasing the wear resistance of the nickel plating and making it harder. While maintaining corrosion protection properties, Chenisil thus provides an ideal solution for all situations where the base material is subjected to particularly abrasive conditions.

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