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Coatings for augers and screw conveyors

Argos ST coatings for screw conveyors and augers are designed to reduce wear and tear.


Industrial screw conveyors and augers are elementary devices used to lift liquids or granules (such as foodstuffs, powders, semi-finished plastic or rubber products, raw pharmaceutical materials, etc.) through the kinetic energy of the flow itself. Large amounts of liquids can be moved upwards inside the large-diameter cylinder.

This is how wells, irrigation systems or sandblasting machines work. In honour of their ingenious inventor, screw conveyors are also called Archimedes’ screws.

Why it is important to choose the right coatings for screw conveyors and augers?

Screw conveyors and augers are operationally simple, but also efficient and precise when all components are able to work freely. To do so, there must be no obstructions in the gap between the screw and conveyor channel. Even a hint of wear can lead to a significant drop in efficiency.

This is why it is so important to protect these gears with coatings particular to screw conveyors.

Specific augers and screw conveyor types and coatings

When used in the food industry, screw conveyors and augers may come into direct contact with oil or water. If necessary, a food certificate may be required for the coating.

The purpose of coatings for augers and screw conveyors is to prevent and counteract erosion, abrasion, corrosion and chemical aggression. Another clear purpose is to create non-stick and sliding properties on the surfaces of the screw conveyors to keep them clean at all times so they can lift elements more easily.

Since this is a very technical field, it is obvious that specialization is important so that the most suitable or customized coating is always chosen. Whether for horizontal or vertical screw conveyors, conveyors or extractors, or screw conveyors with or without an internal shaft, our technicians will advise you on the most suitable and functional type of coating.

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