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Coatings for air treatment systems

Argos ST coatings for air treatment systems are designed to prevent build-up and residue on the impellers.


Argos offers a strategic and professional selection of coatings for air handling units. Based on a case study by our experts, we provide the ideal coating for any working environment involving air treatment equipment.

Air treatment coatings: our customers

All our coatings for professional air treatment equipment allow you to optimize the operation of your workplace air-extraction systems..

Who needs professional coatings for ventilation systems? While the majority of customers interested in this product include large industries which must filter and purify industrial waste, the importance of these professional coverings should not be underestimated in all work environments where perfect air quality must be guaranteed (woodworking factories, mechanical processing, adhesive tapes, paper converting, etc.).

What are air treatment coatings used for?

Different types of coatings for air handling units are available depending on their function and use (related to the working environment in question).

Non-stick coatings serve to prevent the formation of build-up and residues on impellers and hoods and in pipes, especially around bends. In other words, they allow these components to always work in a well-balanced manner. They are practical solutions because cleaning and maintenance are quick and easy.

If the air-filtration systems also involve the movement of high-temperature acidic fumes or gases that contain extracted waste materials (metal chips, wood, paper, adhesive tape, etc.), we recommend protecting them with professional coatings, specific to this type of piping, ensuring corrosion protection and low friction.

The choice of coating for air treatment systems therefore implies studies related to the specific function of the system and conditions in the working environment. This is why it is important to contact only specialized companies with experience in the field.

With the right coating for the system, the air ducts will be less subject to wear and will easily pass all tests and monitoring after installation.

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