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Chrome plating: chrome bath application techniques

What is the purpose of chrome plating and how is it done? Applications, pros and cons of chrome plating: all the alternatives and what to use!


Surface chrome plating: aesthetic and functional treatment

Chrome plating is a process in which a thin layer of chromium is applied to the surface of an object, enhancing its appearance and functional value. Chrome plating on metals (iron and aluminium) is one of the most common solutions, but chrome plating is also now widely applied to other materials, such as plastics. Nevertheless, technological evolution has recently brought important innovations to the field of surface coatings, thus creating alternatives to classic chrome plating.

Chrome plating on aluminium and iron: a well-established, always up-to-date process

With its particular characteristics, chromium is a malleable material resistant to high temperatures and — above all — rust proof. In addition, its finish adds value to the appearance of the surface to which it is applied. Its hardness also ensures elevated scratch resistance.

A special process is used to chrome plate aluminium. This involves immersing the object in tanks with a chromium electrolytic solution used exclusively for aluminium objects.

As an alternative to chrome plating for metals, more advanced and purely functional processes are available, such as fluoropolymer coatings, which provide corrosion protection and low friction, thus giving the surfaces greater smoothness.

In this specific case, Argos offers high-performance solutions such as Rilsan coatings (a bio-polyamide that ensures high chemical resistance, hardness and flexibility) andsol-gel, a process to create high-quality non-stick and scratch-resistant ceramic surfaces.

Spray chrome plating: a chrome effect on every surface

The spray chrome-plating method enables different types of materials, such as aluminium, steel, plastic, carbon fibre and ceramics, to acquire the typical properties of chrome: hardness, smoothness, and chemical and oxidation resistance.

The thermal spraying system by Argos, known as PlasmaCoat®, yields surfaces with excellent sliding properties, hardness, non-stick properties and chemical resistance.

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