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Thermal Spray

Zinc: thermal spray coatings and treatments

Zinc is ideal for creating chip-proof coatings or lending corrosion resistance.


The advantages of zinc coatings

Argos applies zinc coatings using the thermal spraying technique.

These types of zinc coatings are ideal for use as a base to prevent possible chipping of the final coat or as a metal base for enhanced corrosion protection.

Zinc coatings applied using thermal spraying have:

  • Extraordinary adhesion to the substrate;
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shocks;
  • Exceptional wear resistance;
  • Remarkable abrasion resistance.

By applying zinc coatings using the thermal spraying process, optimal adhesion to the substrate is ensured, along with a minimized risk of deformation.

To increase the non-stick properties of the plasma, silicone coatings can be applied over the metallization. As a non-stick coating, silicone solves a variety of problems, especially in the packaging and nonwoven fabric industries.

With its thermal spraying technology, Argos can apply different types of plasma coatings to your metal parts.

Argos applies zinc coatings on behalf of third parties, with certification in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard for treatments of this type.

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