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Vicote®: coatings and treatments

Vicote coatings have a low environmental impact and are ideal for improving the longevity and wear resistance of the base material.


Why use Vicote coatings?

What are Vicote coatings used for? It is not easy to answer this question simply and concisely because Vicote coatings can be applied for so many different purposes.

In general, the common goal is always to make the underlying metals more durable and efficient.

Depending on the specific case, they can be used to increase chemical resistance, non-stick and easy cleaning properties, mechanical qualities, scratch and abrasion resistance, etc. Vicote lends itself very well to all these purposes with contained costs.

Strengths and advantages of Vicote coatings

This wide range of applications is due precisely to the versatility of Vicote, which favours wear resistance and corrosion protection while withstanding high temperatures. And all this comes with a low environmental impact because Vicote coatings do not contain organic volatile compounds. They are therefore considered environmentally friendly industrial coatings, an aspect to which more and more companies are fortunately paying increasing attention.

The advantages of Vicote coatings are especially evident in the industrial sector due to the low friction coefficient (from about 0.06 to about 0.09), and absence of direct contact between metals, which intuitively reduces wear but also noise, which is not a negligible factor.

Today, the technique used to apply Vicote coatings has been perfected. In particular, scratch resistance is already possible with a single layer, without the need for a primer, which reduces not only processing times but also the overall costs.

Contact Argos for more information on the functionality of Vicote coatings and to find out if it is the right choice for you among our range of coatings and surface treatments available in the catalogue. Rely on the experience of our industry-leading team.

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