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TempCoat®: high-quality polymer coatings

Argos ST TempCoat® coatings are designed to meet the need for non-stick properties, chemical resistance and smoothness.


Thickness: 15–100 μm
Roughness (Ra): < 2.5 μm
Temperature resistance: –40°C +285°C
Food contact: Compliant, for some codes

The advantages of TempCoat®

The TempCoat® series was designed by Argos to make coatings and treatments suitable for cleaning systems and their individual parts, thereby ensuring better machine performance.

The TempCoat® series includes a wide range of polymer and fluoropolymer coatings specifically designed to be non-stick and ensure chemical resistance and slide. TempCoat® non-stick coatings enable easier cleaning of systems, machines and their parts with a consequent reduction in machine downtime.

In addition to removing the stickiest substances deposited on the surface, TempCoat® coatings reduce waste and allow the machine to withstand wear, significantly increasing its productivity.

For over thirty years, Argos has been a leader in the provision of the best surface treatments for aluminium and other metals. With quality coatings and surface treatments such as TempCoat®, the performance of machinery and production plants is improved, increasing their longevity and decreasing wear on parts and their replacement.

TempCoat® non-stick coatings can also be further reinforced with an intermediate layer based on hard metals, allowing for better wear resistance.

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