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TempCoat 1412®: roller coatings and treatments

TempCoat 1412® coatings by Argos ST are suitable whenever strong, non-stick properties are needed for very sticky products.


Thickness: ~ 25 μm
Roughness (Ra): < 2.5 μm
Temperature resistance: –20°C +220°C
Food Contact: Not compliant

The advantages of TempCoat 1412®

A special coating based on silicone with ceramic reinforcement, it is applied at low temperature. It has excellent non-stick properties and good traction with a rough surface.
This coating was designed for applications where elevated non-stick properties are required for very sticky products and where high chemical and mechanical resistance is not required. Typical applications include plants for packaging and the production of labels and adhesive tapes, e.g. idle rollers, traction rollers for tapes or films, motorized rollers, blades, block knives, plates, belt extractors etc.

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