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TempCoat 1001®: anti-friction coatings and treatments

TempCoat 1001® processes not only coat the part, but also impregnate the material, guaranteeing resistance to chipping. Anti-friction, anti-seize.


Thickness: 5–25 µm
Roughness (Ra): < 2 µm
Temperature resistance: –40°C +260°C
Food contact: Not compliant

TempCoat 1001®, your support for anti-friction treatments

TempCoat 1001® anti-friction treatments dramatically reduce friction and are designed to solve issues related to friction, dry lubrication, wear, seizing and fretting corrosion.
Unlike conventional coatings, the TempCoat 1001® process not only coats the surfaces of the parts, but also impregnates them, eliminating the risk of peeling and flaking.
With the TempCoat 1001® process, even after the surface layer wears, the properties of the treatment remain virtually unchanged.

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