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Teflon®: treatments and coatings

Argos ST is a leader in industrial Teflon treatments: non-stick, smooth and chemically resistant.


Teflon® coatings and treatments

Teflon®, known chemically as polytetrafluoroethylene, is a synthetic polymer of tetrafluoroethylene consisting entirely of carbon and fluorine. With a high molecular weight, it seems completely solid to the touch.

Properties of Teflon®

Teflon is a solid thermoplastic polymer with a density of about 2200 kg/m3.

The success of Teflon® is due to its resistance to all common chemicals, including white spirit, boiling acids and alkalis. Only molten salt and fluorine at extremely high temperatures can damage it significantly.

Because it is chemically inert, Teflon® does not contaminate the substances it comes into contact with, leaving their properties unchanged. This is very important not only for the food and pharmaceutical industries, but also for surgery.

Three different categories of polymers are defined as Teflon®, each of which has similar characteristics:

The advantages of Teflon® coatings

Teflon® coating improves the non-stick, smooth properties and chemical resistance of the base material.
Teflon®, also commonly referred to as Teflon coating, is used in the TempCoat® and TempCoat 1001® systems.

Argos, the Italian leader for over thirty years in the production of specific, customized surfaces for every function, sector and industrial application, applies coatings with Teflon® on behalf of third parties, with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification for this type of treatment.

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