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PFA: Teflon® PFA coatings and treatments

PFA coatings are particularly suitable for improving non-stick properties, sliding and chemical resistance.


The advantages of Teflon® PFA coatings

Teflon PFA is a fluoropolymer derived from PTFE, the progenitor of the fluoropolymer family. PFA, also known as perfluoroalkoxy alkane, is normally found in the form of a partially crystalline powder.

Properties of Teflon PFA

Like the other two polymers, PTFE and FEP, Teflon PFA is a thermoplastic and therefore creates a coating with a non-porous surface and excellent non-stick, sliding and chemical resistance properties. Teflon PFA coatings and treatments also give the material extraordinary high temperature resistance. In fact, Teflon PFA can work continuously at temperatures of 260°C and intermittently up to 310°C.

For Teflon PFA coating, the material is applied in powder form after mechanical and/or chemical pre-treatment and then thickened in the sintering process.

Thick layers may be applied regardless of the size and geometry of the part.

The uses of Teflon PFA

Teflon PFA is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, even more so than FEP. For this reason, Teflon PFA coatings and treatments are used where non-stick properties and excellent chemical resistance are required, such as containers, rollers, ink and hot-melt glue tanks, moulds, mixer blades and tanks, etc.

Its mechanical, electrical and thermal properties are similar to those of PTFE resin. Teflon PFA coating is used in the TempCoat® system.

Argos applies coatings with Teflon PFA on behalf of third parties, with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification for these treatments.

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