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Sol-Gel: ceramic coatings and treatments

Sol-gel coatings are specifically designed to be hard, easy to wash and non-stick, with high temperature resistance.


Why choose sol-gel?

Sol-gel ceramic coatings are based on nanotechnology.

Today, nanotechnologies are widely used in industry, especially for surface treatments.

With a modified nanostructure, sol-gel is created using nanotechnology to obtain a precise set of properties that generally have higher performance than naturally occurring materials.

What is sol-gel coating?

This is a water-based ceramic coating free of fluoropolymers, PTFE and PFOA, which can be applied to aluminium and steel. These types of coatings give the target material extraordinary resistance to UV radiation and any type of solvent or grease, particular abrasion resistance, antibacterial properties and perfect wetting.

Argos, an Italian leader in the production of every type of coating and industrial treatment since the 1980s, finds particular strength in sol-gel coatings.

Why use sol-gel ceramic coating?

Sol-gel ceramic coating is preferable when you need a coating with particular resistance to high temperatures, excellent hardness and non-stick, easy-to-wash properties.

For example, we recommend opting for sol-gel coating or treatment for parts that come into contact with vapours and particularly high temperatures, or those that need to be easily washable and smooth.

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