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Rilsan®: plastic coatings and treatments

Rilsan coatings are ideal for protecting surfaces from chemical reagents and abrasion.


Why use Rilsan®?

Rilsan® is a polyamide based on a renewable resource, with excellent hardness, corrosion resistance and electrical insulation. In addition, Rilsan® polyamide resin does not absorb water, unlike other polyamides. It has very good chemical resistance to aggressors such as petroleum and derivatives, grease, oil, saline solutions and solvents.

Rilsan® and semi-aromatic PPA coatings are based on polyamide and coated by electrostatically projecting Rilsan® powder onto the cold part using a live nozzle. The electrically charged powder particles are evenly distributed over the surface, melting to create a uniform surface in the oven. These plastic coatings are applied to protect surfaces from chemical reagents and abrasion and are used on inking rollers in the printing industry and in pipes, fittings and tanks. Rilsan® coating is used in the Halar® system. Argos applies coatings with Rilsan® on behalf of third parties and is certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

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