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PEEK: polyether ether ketone polymer

Argos ST applies PEEK coatings: excellent performance in terms of durability and resistance to scratches and high temperatures.


What is PEEK polymer?

Argos is the Italian point of reference for coatings in PEEK polymer (polyether ether ketone), the strength of which lies in their excellent performance in terms of durability and resistance to scratches and high temperatures.

PEEK is a very resistant polymer widely used for mechanical coatings.

The advantages of PEEK polymer coatings

PEEK polymer coatings feature chemical resistance to salts, water/steam, alkaline products, acids and aromatic hydrocarbons, for enhanced resistance to scratches and wear.

This type of coating is perfect for any mechanical parts that must be corrosion-resistant, non-stick and smooth.

Initially designed to solve problems posed by traditional coating technologies, PEEK polymer can be applied to any mechanical part that must be corrosion-resistant, non-stick and smooth.

With its combination of thermal, chemical, scratch and wear resistance, PEEK is able to extend the performance duration from 50% to 200% over more famous fluoropolymers (PTFE, PFA, FEP). The innovative features of PEEK reduce part replacement, ensuring greater reliability and durability. Due to their self-lubricating properties, PEEK coatings are also defined as anti-seize coatings.

PEEK coating is used in the TempCoat® system.

Properties of PEEK polymer coating

  1. Corrosion protection:

    PEEK polymer coatings create protective barriers and chemical resistance to even the most aggressive acids.
    These coatings for corrosion protection have thicknesses from 30 microns to 80 microns and can be used in all situations where such high protection is required, for example, the chemical and oil & gas sectors, allowing you to save time and reduce maintenance costs.

  2. Hardness:

    Choosing a PEEK polymer coating also means increasing the hardness of the materials to be coated. In fact, with spray metallizing, wear resistance and service life are improved, especially in the presence of abrasive materials such as paper and fabrics.
    The coatings and wear-resistance treatments that lend hardness can also be applied as a base for fluoropolymers, thus making the material smooth, with better abrasion resistance.

  3. Electrical insulation:

    Argos PEEK coatings guarantee resistance to moisture and chemical agents, extraordinary resistance to sliding, excellent resistance to heat and cutting, but also electric insulation or electrical conductivity depending on the specific needs.

  4. Non-stick:

    PEEK coatings create hydrophobic, non-stick surfaces that effectively prevent various substances from adhering to the metal: adhesives, rubbers, glues, inks, paints, plastics, fabrics, leathers and food. In fact, by applying coatings with a specific roughness to the surface, the contact area is reduced, increasing the non-stick properties.

Argos applies PEEK coatings for third parties, with certification in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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