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MagnaCoat®: coatings and treatments

Argos MagnaCoat® coatings are specifically designed to protect metal parts from chemical corrosion. Learn more now!


Thickness: 100–800 μm
Roughness (Ra): < 3 µm>
Temperature resistance: –40°C +260°C
Food contact: Compliant, for some codes

MagnaCoat®, coatings for chemical resistance

The MagnaCoat® product line has been designed to protect metal parts from chemical corrosion.
These thick, fluoropolymer-based, acid-resistant coatings create a nonporous surface with excellent chemical resistance that protects the base material from the most aggressive substances.
The impermeability, electrical insulation and high temperature resistance of MagnaCoat® coatings make them an excellent solution for multiple applications. These coatings resist the most aggressive chemicals, which are sometimes able to pierce the most high-performance steels.

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