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Fluoropolymer coatings

Fluoropolymer coatings by Argos ST reduce the coefficient of friction and improve non-stick properties.


The advantages of fluoropolymer coatings

For over 30 years, our coatings and treatments with fluoropolymers have enabled us to become a leader in the sector. We only supply coatings with high-quality fluoropolymers, using processes designed to guarantee high quality standards for our customers.

Among the various treatments, we are experts in the application of fluoropolymer treatments suitable for situations where it is necessary to lower the coefficient of friction of particular products.

We work on behalf of third parties, providing specific treatments for the food, textile and chemical industries.

The use of fluoropolymer coatings not only saves time and money for machinery maintenance, but also respects high quality standards, lending non-stick properties to the materials on which the fluoropolymer coatings are applied.

The many advantages include, for example:

  • the cleaning of machinery on which specific treatments have been sprayed or applied;
  • greater productivity, followed by increased speeds and reduced waste;
  • high-quality finished products.

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