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Polymeric coatings: the best polymer-based coatings

Coatings based on spray deposition applicable to a wide range of base materials such as metals, carbon fibre and plastics.


Polymer coatings yield surfaces with remarkable non-stick properties and corrosion resistance. Through continuous research and acquisition of the most advanced know-how, Argos polymers efficiently improve production processes over time. Due to their many properties, polymers hold many advantages, such as quick surface cleaning (resulting in reduced downtime) and higher quality of the finished product.

Fluoropolymer coatings enhance the surfaces on which they are applied, lending unique characteristics:

  • Adhesion resistance through the formation of hydrophobic and non-stick surfaces, which prevent the adhesion of different substances;
  • Reduced friction, solving problems related to seizure, wear and dry lubrication;
  • Sliding in the presence of mechanical stress and for greater smoothness;
  • Corrosion protection, with the creation of a chemical protection barrier against corrosive agents.

Polymer coatings are used in various sectors, such as the automotive, chemical-pharmaceutical, food, textile and printing, rubber and plastics, petroleum, packaging and aeronautics industries.

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