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Electroless nickel plating

Niploy and Elnip 13®: electroless nickel plating with uniform coating

Electroless nickel plating with a uniform coating, providing high corrosion protection and wear resistance.


Argos’ Niploy and Elnip 13 ® electroless nickel plating processes have been developed to provide a very high-strength coating which adheres precisely to the surface of the part, regardless of its geometric complexity. This is why it is the ideal solution for standard electroless nickel plating and as a base for other specific Argos treatments, namely Cheniflon (Niploy electroless nickel plating with PTFE) and Chenisil (Niploy electroless nickel plating with added silicon carbide).

Another major advantage of Niploy or Elnip 13 ® electroless nickel plating is the ability to use materials that are less noble, lighter and easier to machine than stainless steel, while ensuring elevated hardness, extreme corrosion protection and wear resistance. These characteristics make this special treatment suitable as a basis for subsequent precious metal coatings.

Niploy and Elnip 13 ®, maximum adaptability to any size and geometry

With the development of the Niploy Process and Elnip 13 ® Process, Argos guarantees complete processing on all surfaces to be coated. The application of Niploy or Elnip 13 ® plating is possible for parts with a wide array of geometries and dimensions pertaining to the most varied sectors, from components for micro precision mechanics (watchmaking, components for laboratory instruments, micro components, etc.), to needles or fillers for the food and pharmaceutical industries, through to large and complex structures such as cylinders and shafts, turbines and compressor cases for gas extraction, dies for extrusion and photoengraving, and various types of machining with weights ranging from 1 gram to 15 tonnes. A particular advantage of the Niploy or Elnip 13 ® process is the extreme versatility of the coatings which, once applied, do not require any special finishing and/or subsequent machining.

Another strength of the Niploy or Elnip 13 ® electroless nickel plating process is its extreme adherence to the substrate, which keeps the coating from peeling, even under high stress or mechanical damage, in contrast to electroplated coatings such as chrome.

Features and applicability of Niploy and Elnip 13 ® electroless nickel plating

Argos has developed this process to make surfaces uniform, strong, hard, weldable, frictionless, magnetic and conductive. The coating may be used in a very broad range of applications, including: as materials, ferrous alloys (stainless steel, alloy steels and cast iron), aluminium alloys and copper alloys (bronze and brass); as industrial sectors, the food and pharmaceutical industries, aerospace and aeronautics, the automobile and motorbike sectors, medicine, electronics and telecommunications, hydraulics and pneumatics, textiles, printing, packaging, petrochemicals and ceramics.

Argos electroless nickel plating is therefore an extremely versatile solution for a wide range of materials, lending extremely high strength and uniformity.

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