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Electroless nickel plating

Chenisil and Elnicarb: electroless nickel plating with silicon carbide

Coatings resulting from the combination of electroless nickel and silicon carbide, guaranteeing elevated hardness.


Elevated hardness obtained through a uniform surface coating consisting of particles of silicon carbide mixed with electroless nickel. Argos’ Chenisil and¬†Elnicarb, are coatings designed specifically for surfaces that require a non-porous treatment and maximum resistance to abrasion. These coatings also features great versatility, since the actual thickness can be chosen based on your needs, as can the heat treatment that defines the final hardness. With the experience of our technicians, Argos will guide you to the most appropriate choice, based on your requests.

Chenisil and Elnicarb electroless nickel plating make the surface strong, hard, frictionless, magnetic and conductive. Their particular composition also means that the coatings can be applied evenly and uniformly on mechanical parts, regardless of the shape or size. Thus, there is no need for time-consuming, expensive machining for finishing purposes, and internal areas such as holes or cavities are perfectly protected.

The excellent adherence to the substrate keeps the coating from peeling, even when subject to high stress, unlike electroplated deposits such as chrome plating. The Chenisil and the Elnicarb processes also prevent corrosion and delamination, even on underlying micro-porous materials.

Applicability of Chenisil and Elnicarb and areas of interest

The Argos Chenisil and Elnicarb coatings are a specific solution for iron alloys (stainless steel, cast iron, and other alloys), aluminium alloys and copper alloys (brass and bronze).

Their extreme versatility and elevated hardness make them suitable for use in many sectors, including:

  • Textiles
  • Food and pharmaceuticals
  • Automobiles and motorcycles
  • Electronics and telecommunications
  • Aeronautics, marine and aerospace
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Printing on plastic and glass
  • Petrochemical, nuclear and oil & gas

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