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Electroless nickel plating: chemical nickel coatings

Argos has been dealing with electroless nickel plating since 1969. Today, we rely on expertise, knowledge and unique experience in the field.



All Argos processes are defined with specifications which serve as a guide so that all operations are carried out to guarantee full compliance of the product and the final service. These specifications are also referenced in the quality manual, just as the entire production system is specifically aligned with the UNI EN 29002 standards.

As a result, Argos can certify their products an additional guarantee for the company and clients.

The advantages of the electroless nickel plating process

Electroless nickel plating is a surface coating that provides wear resistance and corrosion protection, making it suitable for any industrial application. Electroless nickel-plating can be applied to different materials, such as glass, metal and plastic, and, compared to electrolytic nickel plating, allows the surface geometry to be followed perfectly, making it the ideal solution for coating mechanical parts that require the highest precision.

From micro components to large parts (such as turbines or generators) to infrastructure such as railways, bridge expansion joints or protective barriers, electroless nickel plating is the most suitable treatment for ensuring durability and efficiency.

Argos has been carrying out electroless nickel plating since 1969 and today it relies on expertise, knowledge and unique experience in the sector. These strengths are supported by Argos’s decision to provide electroless nickel plating for some of the largest facilities in Italy, including MOSE.

The excellent protection conferred by the coating makes it ideal for use in a wide variety of sectors ranging from petrochemicals to the food industry, and from pharmaceuticals to mechanical engineering. The key factor in achieving the desired results is the choice of a reliable, professional and experienced partner.

Argos electroless nickel coatings

Argos in particular has developed four different electroless nickel-plating processes: Niploy (or Elnip 13 ®), Chenisil (or Elnicarb), Cheniflon (or Elniflon) and ENP SH.

Niploy and Elnip 13 ®, electroless nickel plating with uniform coating

This electroless nickel plating process confers a highly wear- and corrosion-resistant coating that is uniform on all types of geometries.

Chenisil and Elnicarb, electroless nickel plating with silicon carbide

Electroless nickel plating obtained by mixing silicon carbide and electroless nickel. The result is an extraordinarily hard surface, solving stress-related wear problems once and for all.

Cheniflon and Elniflon, electroless nickel plating with PTFE microparticles

With the addition of PTFE particles, the nickel plating in this process lends greater surface smoothness.

ENP SH, high phosphorus electroless nickel plating

The latest in Argos electroless nickel-plating treatments, ENP SH offers incomparable hardness. Following a final heat treatment, ENP SH coating can provide hardness grades of up to 1300 HV and unparalleled compactness of the coating.

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