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Surface coatings: discover the coatings produced by Argos Surface Technologies

Specific, customized surfaces for each function, sector and industrial application.

Rivestimenti superficiali e industriali Argos Surface Technologies

Argos surface coatings are suitable for metal surface treatments. The goal is to optimize the special characteristics of metal and aluminium surfaces in industrial machinery and production plants, ensuring greater durability and simpler, more practical maintenance, while making use of the special characteristics of surface and industrial coatings. The result is greater reliability and increased productivity.

The best coatings and surface treatments

Reliable, quality coatings improve cycle times, drastically reduce cleaning operations and contribute to increasing productivity.

The application of Argos surface coatings makes the materials remarkably non-stick, with low friction, dry lubrication, electrical insulation, corrosion protection, hardness, acid resistance, wear resistance, weldability and slide. This is all thanks to constant research aimed at enhancing our personnel with the acquisition of know-how and advanced technical skills.

A wide range of surface coatings

With its wide range of coatings, Argos is able to meet different needs based on the type of request. Well-established, certified techniques featuring solid, proven reliability over the years.

The Niploy electroless nickel plating process produces a uniform coating on any geometry. Available in both medium- and high-phosphorus content, the Niploy process yields elevated resistance to wear and corrosion. It can also be used as a base for more specific treatments.

Designed to make surfaces harder and more resistant, this coating relies on thermal spray coupled with fluoropolymers and silicones to make the underlying surface hard, non-stick, smooth and wear resistant. It is used in sectors such as printing, packaging and nonwoven fabrics.

This electroless nickel plating results from a combination of silicon carbide particles in a 20-30% ratio with an electroless nickel matrix. Chenisil therefore offers extreme hardness and a marked resistance to abrasion. Chenisil may be applied with variable thicknesses depending on the desired performance, with a subsequent heat treatment which determines the final hardness.

Impreglon 2006
A surface coating based on fluoropolymers which guarantees high chemical resistance, sliding and non-stick properties. Prevents sticky substances from depositing on the surface, thereby reducing waste and making it more non-stick. ImpreglonĀ® surfaces are ideal for markets such as the automotive, food, rubber and plastics, packaging and printing industries.

Designed to combine the typical properties of electroless nickel plating with those of PTFE, Cheniflon guarantees not only resistance to corrosion and wear, but also reduced friction. Since the PTFE is integrated within the nickel matrix through the dispersion of microparticles, mechanical friction is reduced.

ENP SH coating is a high-phosphorus electroless nickel plating designed to confer excellent corrosion protection and abrasion resistance on the underlying surfaces. The hardness of ENP SH exceeds the hardness of classic nickel plating, reaching a hardness of up to 1300 HV after heat treatment.

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